Samuelade Vampire/Werewolf

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Book one in the pureblood series
She was hunted and she was running.
Avery Gilbert, a vampire and not an average one. She is a pureblood vampire, the first cursed beings to walk the earth or at least she descended from them.
Her arrival in Athenrim after a stakeout changes her daily routine of hiding from the enemy when she meets a peculiar human boy.
Special thanks to Bosy Elselhdah for the amazing cover


Tags: Escape being PregnantOpposites AttractSecond ChanceFriends to LoversParanoidWarriorSecretaryBxG
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"We brought peace. vampires are now free to roam with a few rules guiding them. The supernaturals world has been separated into factions to end dictatorship." I spoke to myself or tye tombstone rather.
Damian's tombstone in Athenrim's cemetery where his ashes laid to rest.
Matilda dropped roses on the grave and blew a kiss……