The Craving

Angelic Productions Vampire/Werewolf

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For thousands of years vampires have lived under the cover they have made for themselves. That all changes when there is a drought in their humane blood supply, causing the world to spin into chaos in search of one specific blood type known as double o negative. Every single person afflicted with being a creature sets in search for this, one specific vampire being led to a beautiful young girl whose father is capable of being the downfall of the vampires. He must keep her safe at all costs-even if that means from him...


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Chapter Forty Four- Narcissa

“I know she is here…” Thora claimed as Jude jumped up from behind the podium in the church and looked to Kane with an impressed expression. His eyes had narrowed just slightly though upon seeing him chasing after her-realizing she had come on her own true accord. 

“Who is it you are seeking?” Germain asked upon setti……