THE PHOENIX WOLF (Book Three chronicles of HER GRACE)

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"I can help you gain your sanity back and of course help you with your revenge on the werewolves but..."

The Sorceress paused, looking straight into the eyes of the human before her.

"But what Delisha, whatever it is, I would do it. I am going crazy by the day. I don't even know who I am."

The scrawny looking man pleads with Delisha the Sorceress.

"First, you must swear Loyalty to me; secondly, you have to bring me the wolf with the power to regenerate. Only their blood can make you whole again." .......


Following the crowning of Allison as the Alpha King, life in the werewolf world has been so far peaceful, none question the reign of the Alpha King nor try to go up agat her.

Until Eleven years old Alexus would wake up at nights with nightmares and screams of horror.

Allison and Her mate try their best in finding out the source of their sons' nightmare, yet they couldn't get to the bottom of it. Alexus nightmare reduces when he starts sharing a room with his elder brother Paige and the family thought that was the end of it.

Five years later, news of a rebel wolf group reaches the ears of the people, and male pup within the age of 11-15 starts going missing from packs.

News gets to Allison that this Rebel group is on the hunt for the Male wolf who can regenerate.

Allison decides to take her time in finding out the root of the problem and rumours, but things go sideways as one of Her Sons go Missing.

Follow My Lilies on this Journey as we Uncover which one of Allison's pup went missing and why.

While we also Unlock the secrets of the PHOENIX WOLF.


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