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Anya Smith is your average sweet girl-next-door, that is till she married David Coleman who is a Lawyer and happens to be a dom. Things were fine in the beginning of their marriage where they could not keep their hands off each other.
David Coleman a Lawyer with his own law firm well put together a gentleman in the eyes of everyone around but only his wife knows he is no gentleman and that he gets pleasure out of ministering sweet torture on his wife's body.
Things take a turn for worse or maybe for better during a fortunate or unfortunate event when Anya and her boss John Ray end up in bed.

John Ray - "I want you Anya, I want you bad. I want to feel that hot body of yours below me and hear what noises you make!"

Anya Coleman - "We shouldn't John, this is wrong!"

John Ray - "You saw with your own eyes what was happening so if that is right then this is no wrong".

Anya Coleman - "But..."

John Ray - "No 'but' just give yourself to me and I promise to show you good time, we both are drunk and this will just be nothing different than a one night stand".

One night stand he said but was it?
What happened that Anya didn't mind going to her boss's room?


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I know I promised to change but the desire to have her tied up as I torment her body sweetly was becoming too much to control. I am currently in my office going through some case files as I am due in court for this afternoon, it is a divorce case and my client ‘Christine Warren’ wanted to make sure her husband give……