The Blood Pack (book two)


Vixen Fantasy

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A lone wolf, Niomi had never truly known that safety that came with a pack. Once it became apparent she was being used by her birth pack for her gifts she decided to leave. She did not relish her abilities and wanted to be accepted for who she was. She hid from them, knowing that they would want her back one way or another if they found her.

Luke was never really one for words. When he was young, he witnessed the death of his entire pack. He had been lost and alone in the woods for weeks, surviving on the wildlife that his wolf could catch. He was found by alpha Eric and raised in his pack, but had found the need to follow his son, alpha Ash in his endeavor to start up his own pack. Luke had never really known love or affection, so how could he be expected to show it to someone or even to recognize the emotions when he rose within him.


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Chapter twenty seven

*Four months later*

"Watch out, coming through, lady with a baby." Cassy called out as she pushed her way into the living room with a family sized pack of Cheetos. She plonked herself down between me and Sanna as she ripped open the bag and rested it on the small baby bump that was poking out.

"Really? Dinner is in half an hour." San……