Guard Girl

Marrium Romance

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David Cameron Billionaire, Business tycoon. Blessed with everything and what he didn't have he Gets by hook or crook. He believes If you have money you can have everything. But what he never wants is love always stay away from love. He believes Love is just Lust.

Aurora believes caring about people wouldn't get you anywhere. Whoever hold the weapon holds the power.

But what will happen when he falls hard for Barbie doll who plays with guns.


I yanked her up pull her in my arms and kiss her punishingly she push me but I hold her tightly gripping her waist with one hand and other hold her ass press our body tightly I bit her bottom lip and she gasped I took that opportunity slide my tongue into her warm mouth nibbling and sucking she wrap her arms around my neck I slide my hand under her shirt something cold touch my hand something metal she pull back

" what that?"

" nothing you need to know " she said and turn I yanked her back and pull whatever is that I saw a dagger sharp

" what the fuck" I said how can someone so cute having dagger like that



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"Come on, don't be like that, I'm sorry I was stuck in traffic Aerial I promise we'll go tomorrow for movie" I said

"I'm not talking to you that's final"she stamps her foot on the floor cross her arms over her chest.

" Don't do that, you know how much I love you " I said giving her pl……