Her Crush(His Possessive Love)

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He started pulling out her shirt tugged in her skirt. "" she whisper yelled but of no use. He snaked his one hand on her bare stomach."Maybe your parents will allow this sweetheart" he said pinching the side of her belly. He buried his face in her neck kissing it while his hands ran all over her hip. He bent down from her neck to her stomach. He held her waist with both his hands and drowned in her belly with his soft kisses.

She loved him from the moment she saw him and will till eternity. He was like a moon to her child like heart which she desired to touch....just once,even if it costs her death the next moment.
    He never believed in love, but he adored her innocent being that he wanted to treasure it.
    She was a matured and shy school going little girl. He was an immature grown up smart guy.
    Will he ever be able to love her the way she does or will his actions make her hate him?

This story is purely based on my imagination and thoughts. If you like my work please share but don't steal.

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