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When Steph goes on her best friend's hen night she meet's the groom's best man, Jon and while she finds him attractive she also finds him offensive, rude and judgemental. When he offers to escort her home at the end of the night she is only expecting a lift home or a shared cab, no more.

The following morning she wakes in a strange bed unable to remember how she got there or what she might of done. She is further startled to find it's Jon's bed and unfortunately he is just as judgmental as she remembered.
After exchanging angry words, Steph refocuses on work and her friend's wedding assuming after their marriage she won't ever have to see Jon again.

With revelations about his marital status revealed Steph becomes even more determined to avoid him, but Jon has different plans for them both after they each begin to see each other in a different light at the wedding and serendipity, well that has its own plan.

With the offer of a relationship, an affair on the table what will Steph do? Her head is telling her to run and never look back, but her heart, well that might want something quite different.


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Chapter 16 - Steph the Ostrich

“Your brother's aren't all going to corner me and warn me off, are they?” asked Jon as they headed towards her flat to pack up her belongings.

Steph laughed at his apparent nervousness, but reassured him. “No. They'll probably be more inclined to tell you loads of embarrassing stories about me, unless you tell them you have a wife and then……