I Hope You Get What You Deserve

Katherine Sanchez Vampire/Werewolf

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A rejected wolf dies shortly after being rejected... When the daughter of a Beta is rejected, what happens after? The goddess gives her a choice... An opportunity, but can she handle it?

Meanwhile a pack of rouges is causing trouble, wolves are going missing and everything points to Alpha Eric Dark.  

How do these two wolves cross paths? Follow Callie in this unforgettable journey that will change her life...


Tags: AdventureFantasyParanormalRomanceWerewolf
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"My love, wake up," I felt my mate shaking me awake and I groaned in protest. Xander laughed and I heard his footsteps as they started to fade. Happily, I was beginning to fall asleep when I felt cold water dropping on me.

My eyes instantly opened and I gasped in shock. I got up, water dripping from my hair and clothe……