The Sentinels (Behind The Mask) Satellite Love (English)

Avonlei Historical Romance

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A fountain pen, strange dreams, and a psychic named Oreo--Altea's life will never be the same again...

Altea started seeing strange flashes of dreams that seemed to be a memory. She blames the strange fountain pen that she bought from an event. That pen and those dreams led her to Oreo, a psychic who claimed that he could see a person's past life and its future. Due to desperation and lack of knowledge on what was happening, Altea opened her door and let him in. They start to solve the mystery, but as the mystery unfolds... she received a death threat and now even Oreo's life was in danger. Does history do repeats?


Tags: ReincarnationDramaBxG
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Chapter One: The Fountain Pen

“Miss Selena!” Joanna greeted her with a hand wave when she saw her enter the hall.

Altea immediately waved back and walked towards Joanna’s direction. They hugged and kissed each other’s cheek when they met inside the hall.

After Altea’s early retirement as a journalist three years ago, she started writing romance novels. She is now……