Loving Luna - All Grown Up


Elon Desa Fantasy

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Years have passed and their children are growing up but now, something else is coming. Something bigger and a lot worse.

Every kind of shifter is under attack and only shifter children are being taken.

Who is doing this and why?

Emily, Felicity, Sasha, and Stephan have been living their lives apart for so long they are practically strangers and now they are reunited.

A family reunion that reveals fear, anger, jealousy, and hatred.

Will they be able to move past it all to save the day?

Or will they lose what matters the most to them?


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“I’m going to miss you,” my mother said as she hugged me once again. I knew that this was hard for her, and although I wanted to start my life with Heath, I knew that I was going to miss her too.

“OK, mom, let her go,” Colin said, and I pulled away with a sad smile.

“Don’t forget that you can come to visit us ……