My Runaway Groom


Kurdapya Romance

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Arabela Anderson is a working student. She was in her third year in college when she met her boss' boyfriend. Matthew was kind at her, and they often met and talked because Matthew often visits Cheska, her boss.
She was secretly in love with him, but her boss got married to Matthew. She forced herself to forget her feelings and focused on studies. But, one day the couple had split up. Arabella was Matthew’s shoulder in the days he fell apart. She did everything to help the man get up until one day Matthew asked her to be his girlfriend which she immediately accepted. They were together for over a year until Matthew proposed her to be his wife and when that day came, she was very happy because she would finally have the man she had been dreaming of for a long time. But that day, Matthew's ex-wife showed up with a child who looked like him. Right there and then, Mathew withdrew from the wedding and left her in the church in tears. She thought that her boyfriend had forgotten his ex-wife but she was wrong, he just used her.
To forget, Arabella went abroad and there she met her former classmate, John, who used to be her suitor since college and eventually she accepted John's love. Five years later, Arabella returned to the Philippines and unexpectedly, she and Matthew had crossed paths again because Matthew and John were working as business partners. Arabella thought that she had forgotten everything but the hatred flared up again in her heart when she saw her ex-boyfriend. Matthew made a way for them to talk and apologize. Matthew wanted them to start over again. Arabella granted his proposal and she let Matthew get back at her. But there is a limit to everything, because on their last night together Arabella left him until Matthew heard that she was married to her new boyfriend. Matthew's world almost collapsed and he has lost all hope of life. However, it was all Arabella's plan to give back to the man the pain he had inflicted on her before, leaving her in front of the altar, she wanted to make Matthew experience how it feels like to kneel on the ground.


Tags: revengelove-trianglefriends to loversgoodgirlindependentbravetwistedbxgoffice/work placedisappearanceYugto Writing Contest—All The Young / Girl Power
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