The Promised

Clarity Townsend Paranormal

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I turn my head and look into the mirrors that line the walls as they reflect our grinding bodies. He sucks and teases my nipples, alternating beeen the o. His mouth moves lower as he drags his tongue over my stomach, tasting the salty sweetness of my flesh.

Book One in the Bound by Fate Series:

Alice doesn't remember much from her childhood. What she does remember, is that her entire life she's known things, seen things, and heard things that others cannot. Labeled as crazy by those around her, Alice can't help but keep people at arm's length. That is until someonees into her life that won't take no for an answer.

Now, an evil group hell-bent on bringing on the apocalypse, have set their sights on Alice and her younger brother Max. Will they escape their evil clutches with their lives, or will they be sacrificed to Satan himself?


Tags: love-trianglepossessivepolyamoryfatedkickass heroinepowerfulwarriorbxg
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