Amethyst White And The Fallen Angel

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There were tales of a young witch who had been put into a long peaceful sleep for centuries and centuries . . . The legend goes that her mother was Theodora White, the great witch whom had prophesied that no o species are ever to mate.
But what happens when the legend becomes true and a fallen angel is the one to awaken the young witch?
Amethyst White awakens one day by a fallen angel who went by the name of Angelo. She finds that the world that she once knew is much different. But a lot of pain comes with the memories that she still remembers and the sadness of betrayal still alive in her heart. She was betrayed by her angel lover and her best friend.
With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, Amethyst sets out for revenge on the o that destroyed her life.
Problems arises when Angelo, the angel who helped awaken her and also the man she's starting to fall in love with happens to be the son of the same couple she was set to kill!

The Alpha's Rejected Fairy Book 2


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