Creatures of the Light

Stella Purple Romance

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(Book #5 of The Creatures Series)

Someone puts a spell on Arsene Noirmelns’ drink, turning her unawarely into having white hair and blue eyes ─ features that can only be found on Blancort’s pure breed wizard. Something smells like a certain Blancort that becomes the source of her misery. But for help, tead of turning to Valline, her own husband, Arsene goes to a rather distant friend’s door, Banri, for help. When Valline finds out what is going on with his wife's sudden disappearance, though, misunderstanding is bound to happen.

The train of disaster does not just stop right there. A locked seal is broken when it is not supposed to happen, ever. As a result, Lelouch Sullivan is in critical condition, and only Arsene, his childhood friend, that can save him from the monster that has recently woken up from within.

When true darkness comes, shall the light perish, or shall it radiate greatly?
This fifth book of The Creatures Series is surely something you can’t miss.


Tags: darkdrama
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