The Cursed Hybrid

KathyZm Vampire/Werewolf

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"Why are you following me?" Kaylene asked the Vampire that was following her.
"Your life is precious to me so I need to make sure that you are safe" Victor told her

After her mother and aunt are killed Kaylene is taken to live at the dark moon park, she runs away a day before her ritual vowing she will come back for her vengeance.
She starts living as a heartless witch who will do anything to get what she wants!
What happens when during her quest she meets the man who killed her family and he saves her life? Will she forgive him? Will she fulfill her promise to her deceased Mother?

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Kaylene’s POV
“Are you okay?” Josh asked me since we set up where to sleep in the bush but I was quiet throughout
“Yes, I am!” I replied not even looking at him
“you don’t look like it! You look worried!” He said to me but I focused on whatever I was looking at.
“I said am fine!” I snapped at him making him lift his hand i……