Frost Bite

Gemma Blu Fantasy

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It started with a snow storm.

Prince Treivorn, a pure blood Ikthia Pyre and heir to the throne of Vandir’n has become separated from his guard after being consumed by a sudden snow storm, whilst traversing the treacherous Mount Wihr’leona. Whilst blindly attempting to find his men and locate he path home he unexpectedly becomes the target of a lonely hunter.

Jahdnin, or Nin to his friends, is attempting a daring hunt to become a man of his tribe. The snow storm was no surprise to him. Having lived on the the mountain all his life, he was used to sudden changes in the weather. He just wasn’t expecting that his prey would turn out to be a man and a Prince no less. Unfortunately for him, this prince has taken a liking to him … an obsessive one.

Can Jahdnin be swayed by the handsome, possessive prince? And what if the forces that lurk in the darkness seeking to capture Nin and put the Prince, and the kingdom, under their control? Is this a destined romance or tragedy in the making?


Tags: AdventureParanormalSexKarma/DestinyOpposites AttractmagicPrinceRoyaltyFantasy-Romance ContestBxB
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The snow falls from the sky angrily, blinding all to the world around him. The wind sings its own violent song as an accompaniment to the growing storm. He could feel the temperature was continuing to drop, rapidly, not that it would bother him—if someone was to fall here, they wouldn't get up again. Not unless they were an Ikthia Pyre or a Wolm……