Everything is fair in your love ( book 2)

Komal Lakra Romance

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. (Rahul and Ritu story)

" Work is done.... Boss "
Someone said, made Rahul came out of car to make sure his men did a great job.

He moved towards the source without caring about his clothes, which was wet now due to heavy rain.

There is she...a little 17 years old girl in fully wet clothes. She is shivering there due to the threat his men give to her earlier.

Look like they did a great job...

He thought and looked towards the girl, who was unaware to his presence, continuously looking at ground like a scared kitten.

Although he couldn't see her face due to darkness. But still her each action was enough for him to know how much beautiful she is...

Stupid me... She is just 17 years old girl... How can I compare her to all of those girls with whom I slept.....

His thought stopped there as soon he saw her face, due to sudden light of the car, which was passed by his side.

Am I watching an angel...?

He thought while looking at the innocent and beauty in front of him.



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