Falling Stars, Rising Hopes

Katie Wiles Sci-Fi

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It is May 10, 2164. A meteor shower will be visible in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and people around the globe gather to watch it. Little do they know, it will permanently divide the world into Before and After.
Tanya Kerrigan is just another resident of Louisville until the meteor shower comes. As its aftereffects shake the world, she, her cat Handful, and her new friend George Whitfield evacuate to Base 92, hidden near the edge of the Hoosier National Forest… and straight into the center of a seemingly impossible project boiling with controversy.
When the truth of the project is revealed, hidden forces begin a plot to take it down. A traitor lurks inside Base 92, waiting for a signal. They are perfectly willing to destroy the entire project… no matter what it takes.
Tanya has always been an eloquent, passionate outsider. George has been a calm, dependable friend of everyone. In the face of a new reality unlike any they could ever have imagined, they must work together and push themselves to their limits if they can have any hope of stopping the traitor, saving the project…. and possibly determining the fate of the human race. There is a glimmer of hope for the future, and they must fan it into flames if the world is to have any chance of survival.


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