My Mate's Secrets


tapioca.tapia42 Paranormal

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Andrea, has just lost a love again, and this time it was more personal. With anger in her heart she wants Ruth died, and is willing to do it alone. She feels this is the only way she'll get closure for Calian's death, but now Nick is back in the picture after four years of being gone, he's here to shed light where there has been so much, darkness, and maybe give Andrea the closure she needs.

Nick has been gone for four years of which he has regretted, he had left Andrea at a very painful time and had thought it was best, but it hasn't been for him. The promise and the secrets he carries are too heavy on him, he has to tell her, even if he loses her completely.


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Once back Nick got into the shower, and was checked by Brian, Ryan was checking me and that's when i told Nick, I was pregnant. He was over the moon, an other baby, and Micah was excited to be a big brother too. after we got a clean bill of health, we had a private wedding with closet family and friends. We were married by midnight.