I Was Never Yours, Mr. Billionaire

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Vichy, the daughter of the President, comes from one of the powerful family of this country. Having fallen out with her father, she left the family with her true identity hidden.
She then met a man who is handsome and super rich. Even he didn't know her past and true identity, they still got married.
Vichy thought she met her Mr. Right, however, the only reason he married her was that he needs the marrow of their children to save his first love...

It was just a game of love, I didn’t expect to really fall in love with you.


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Eva’s mother thought there must be a deep reason behind.

She was somewhat afraid of Albert, so when she saw the situation of the old lady, the first thing she thought of was escaping.

If there was something happened to the old lady, they would lose their support, so what should they do at that time? In the end, Vichy would……