Leave me in the city

Dance-is-me Teen fiction

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What's worse than having a past that caused you nothing but pure pain, sexually, physically and mentally?

But it's get better when she got her dream of going to the city fulfilled, at least she would get to live a better life that doesn't remind her of that past. Finally free of her past!

But it is more worse when that past comes back, causing her more pain than she could imagine, dragging her loved ones with it.

Maybe she couldn't run from it after all. . .


Tags: RevengeRapeKarma/DestinyForcedOpposites AttractHighschoolDominantManipulativeGoodgirlBadgirlPrincessRoyaltyDramaTragedyComedyBxG
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"You really faced all that? That is really crappy." Jeff broke the long silence that ensued after I told them everything. And as usual it wasn't easy at all. It took me a lot of pain to actually not cry, especially now that I am back at the same place it all happened to me.

"Aww my baby. You are so strong." Megan came to my side and hugge……