His Ugly Mate

Bosy Elselhdar Romance

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When I was Ten, he burned my house and turned me into the ugliest she-wolf in the kingdom.

Ten years later, he picked me to be his mate, but he kept humiliating me every day and night because of how I look!

After one more year, once his father handed him the crown, he kicked me boldly out of his house and broke the mating-bond.

After I'd found someone I loved, After Too many surgical operations to turn me from ugly to pretty, he came back again to reclaim me as his mate.

Someone hated me when I was ugly, someone loved me because I was ugly… But both of them were so possessive and selfish…

And I, Rosy Franco, the daughter of the Beta, was trapped in the middle of this cold war beeen these o Alphas.

O KINGDOMS, one war, and The prize were me!

His ugly mate [ From chapter 1 to 25]
His silent mate [ from chapter 25 to 45]


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