My Tainted Devil's Love

Tasha Sharma Romance

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What happens when a billionaire decides to follow his passion of teaching and stumbles with a young girl who is everything he despises?

Adrian Martin; the MOST man of the country decides to follow his passion of being a professor. He has everything he needed- Money, fame, looks, respects and a girlfriend.
His life was smooth unless a girl stumbles into him.
She is immature, clumsy, non-serious, defying him and innocent. He despises her and decides to punish her for her guts.

Sari Anderson; Rebellious agat her family, the Anderson’s who are well reputed in business world. She is independent and lives her life her own way (At least that's what she planned) until that day when she dashed into a stupid man.
Unaware that he is her Professor and future boss; she is determined to avoid him at all cost to prevent being humiliated at his hands.

But is it that easy to escape that devil?
Both have wide range of interests and some of them clashes to bring them face to face with each other. Sari feels caged but Adrian loves seeing her broke.
How long can she take before being broke? How far can Adrian go for feeling satiate? Will this continue or he can change?


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