Caught Between Alpha and Dragon


Fruit Fantasy

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It's the 21 century and humans have dominated the earth. The dragon and werewolves race have to hide their identities and live like regular people.
However, before humans rule the earth, dragons and werewolves dominated the world, and both races share a bloodedly history, and they have not forgotten the blood that got shed on the battlefield even though the world has revolve.
When the alpha of the Wolves clan and the king of the dragons fell for the same human, history is bound to repeat itself.


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A promise of death

The fear Neron felt from Bella and his raw rage pierced him to the core as he gazed at the cut on her lip and her torn dress.

“I don't like to get threatened, especially not by low-class filth like you. Hand the girl over, and I will let you die a less painful death.” Neron said with darkness in his eyes.

Although Bella fears Scar,……