Devil's innocent love (18+)

Ankita Ghosh Romance

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm the only one
Who is made for you

Adwitiya Ranawat a 19 year old girl who has a perfect life or she shows she has. Life was going smoothly for her until one day she attracts the devil's eyes. The innocent girl didn't know that by helping the poor woman she is inviting the devil indeed.

Azlan Sheerazi 30 years old businessesman for world but a secret Mafia boss. He is a devil in human skin. He has a past that made him hate women but what happens when innocent Adwitiya attracts the devil aka Azlan? Now he only has one mission make her his by hook or crook.

Cliché story isn't it? But it Is not cliché at all it has a lot more in it to know. Want to know how he make her his but then broke her completely with his hate? How he again heal her broken self by his love?

Then join the twisted journey of Adwitiya and Azlan two people who are opposite by every thing By religion, behaviour and background.

⚠ Warning this book has a lots of mature stuff, foul language, self harm, rape and murder, torture etc. Read it at your own risk. No rude comments or bashing...


Tags: RevengeDarkPossessiveSexFamilyForcedOpposites AttractSecond ChancePregnantTwisted
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" Fine my brother raped that girl and killed her because she wasn't ready to be his and the girl was from his orphanage. She was 17 years old, but that doesn't mean he will kill my brother. But he did now I will kill him by torturing you.

I know that fucker love you more then his own life let's torture him by making him watch wh……