Storm's Silence

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The moment Georgiana Gallington crossed her arms, James knew he had had enough. He took Georgiana's hand – the one that was nearest to him – and then tugged her hard enough that she squealed and fell on his lap.

'What are you doing, Jamie!' She yelled, yet her arms were around his neck and she seemed to have no inclination to get up from his lap. His arm wound around her waist and pulled her closer so that he could feel that beautiful chest of hers against his, and her full behind directly above his manhood.

He never knew having her this way in her arms again would feel better than he could ever imagine.

'What are you doing, Jami –’


James Edward Dewitt, a cast out, has learned to make a living – not just learned, mastered – in the past ten years, ever since he had to run away from the place he once called home. Now the richest man in London, all he now needed was a private secretary, and who was better than the little hoyden he had fancied as a lad?

Girl in disguise, Georgiana Gallington had managed to last an entire day in the university without revealing herself. She strived to be independent, not just for herself, but also her three other sisters so that they could be free of their scheming uncle. Determined to prove herself right, Georgie though that she could have a dignified profession one day, even if she had to remain in disguise. That was until she crossed paths with the insufferable man who had made the best part of her childhood miserable.
One thing she realised: She definitely hadn't missed him.


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Lady Georgiana Dewitt was in the middle of a balance sheet when she suddenly heard the loud screeching cries of her youngest child, Adrian. He was just a babe, merely two months old, and she kept his bassinet in her husband's study because her heart did not agree with leaving him alone in the nursery just yet.

Every time her son cried, it ……