Billionaire's Secret Wife(English Version)


Shanin Romance

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Warning, This Story is 21+. I hope you enjoy to read this story guys

Sean Delano, forced to marry Michelle Deborah because of Sean's grandmother's silly request. Their household life is full of problems. But Sean Found he has started to fall in love and tried to win hee heart as well

She was a woman full of Secrets.if today she becomes a good woman, the next day she will be an unpredictable woman. without realizing I fell into her world that made me meet with a murder case.
Will I be able to help my wife solve this case?

" Listen to me carefully, you will never touch my body, and I will never allow you to have sex with me," Said Michelle, who is now half-naked, standing in front of the bathroom door. Her body was shiny white with a flat stomach, a tattoo in the form of a symbol engraved on her belly button

"Damn it, are you crazy?. You just opened your shirt on the first night without asking me. I think you want to have sex with me. If not for that, why you open your clothes?"


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Sean POV

More and more days, I feel my life more distinctive, approaching a previously impossible perfection. The real happiness that is present right now is beyond my expectation. I don't know. I think the goddess of luck is on my side. Look at the woman who is now standing in front of me, smiling sweetly with her face that always ……