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"Hello Mr. Throne , I am Bella Miller. Your newly hired PA ." I sound better than I tend to and extended my hand for handshake , which he rudely ignored.

"Hello Ms. Miller yes you are hired here but not as my PA ...... but well as my SLAVE ." He said smugly leaving me shocked to core as I with wide eyes gaped at him .

"Excuse me." I asked still gaping.

"Yes you heard me . What did you think, that after the stunt you pulled , I would let go of you just like that. No darling that's where you are wrong. I don't let go of those who mess with me until I make them pay."
He said getting up from his posh chair and made his way towards me and stand few steps away.

 I cleared my throat and said in low voice swallowing my pride . 

" I don't have money." And looked down as my ears turned red.

" Well who asked for money my dear . Do I look like I want your money." He said stepping a step closer in low dark husky voice , making me look at him real quick.

"What do you mean ?" God if he.......No he won't......Would he ?

"Well you would pay but not in money but as my.........."

Every action has some consequences.

David Throne, CEO of THRONE & CO. He is what you call ruthless, arrogant, womanizer and yes extremely good looks that make women throw themselves on him and men envy and not to forget the DEVIL of business world. 

What happens when an average girl mess with his precious car ? He surely make them PAY . Cause nobody in their right mind mess with David Throne, the Devil.


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Chapter 26

Bella Pov:


It took only a single yes to shatter all my dreams in front of my eyes. A yes from his mouth.

Without saying anything else, I ran to our room locking it behind. Sitting on the bed my thoughts ran to the memory of all the dreams, I had for each other.

Loud banging on door break my mise……