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May Saltsman is someone, who all her life has been rejected by her mother and her pack for being fathered by a rogue. Her amber eyes reminded her mother of the horror that she went through and resented her from the moment she was conceived, so she abandoned her letting her be raised by her grandmother. When her grandmother died, her brother took care of her. The only people in her life that care and love her are her brother Matt and her o human best friends Micah and Greg. She is comfortable with how things are today and even though she is rejected and bullied by her pack, she never lets them get her down.
But how will she handle when the next to be Alpha Colton Black starts to show interest in her?....She starts to freak out that's how.

-The writer-
Hello! English is not my main language so I apologize in advance for my grammatical errors. However, I re-read to find errors and edit the story constantly.


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Chapter Twenty Three

May POV 

It's Friday and our last day of school. The cover story that was given to my friends and the humans of the school was that me, Colton, Megan and Matt where in a car accident while visiting Megan's family in another town.   

Matt returned to school for this last week because Megan made ……