Bitter Pill(Undeserved)


Cassydoll LGBT+

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Growing up in a religious, with both parents deacons and deaconess Reilly Corkett grew up with the knowledge of what's Right from wrong imbibed into him by his parents, The bubbly little Reilly soon began to withdraw himself from society and everything around him when he discovered his attraction to boys at the young age of 12, as the years roll by Reilly became selectively mute, hardly talks, never seen to express himself, would rather be in the confine of his room than hang around friends like boys his age would, the only person Reilly would willingly talk to was his elder brother Jaidyn.

Despite the constant absence of their parents, Reilly was content with his life, rather be alone forever than have anyone or his parents discover his secret, for everything was ruled off as a deadly sin in the sight of his parents and he grew up with that guilt of being a deadly sin.

But everything changed, for Reilly when his elder brother Jaidyn suddenly leaves for college without saying goodbye and this mystery boy Trevor Bates shows up in highschool hell-bent on making Reilly's life a living hell determined to take revenge of sins Reilly had no idea about on him.

what would Reilly do when everything becomes too much to handle, would he rather fight through the pain with hopes or give in to the darkness brewing in his heart, and when all comes to nothing would he be ready to swallow that Bitter pill of love despite the pains or get swallowed by the pains.

follow me on the journey of young Reilly and let's unveil his story together.
Happy Reading. Cassy Cares. XoXo


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