An Interview With Mr. Ex

bellasonline Romance

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"It is another one of the interview he has to do, but is it just another one, where he has to answer about his life, his money, or is this interview going to be the answer for his life?'

Jade was once hurt by a man she loved and when she has to interview the same man, her totally sexy ex-husband, will she take it as an opportunity to say good-bye and move on? Finally?

Only time will tell.

Jerrod has never regretted a decision in his life, except one - leaving Jade Thompson. Due to chance or fate, he meets her again. Will he take this chance to correct his past and win her back?

Only time will tell.


Tags: BillionairePossessiveSecond ChanceArrogantGoodgirlAloofPowerfulCEOSingle MotherDrama
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That morning Jade woke up to a house that looked like it was hit by a hurricane. Cole sat amidst thrown shirts and pants, looking like a fallen angel.

It was a week after their marriage. Jade and Jerrod was married in a simple, but beautiful ceremony. Nick was there and so was Megan and all the guys who wor……