The Fall of a Kingdom

CptMorgan21 Fantasy

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"Where are my wings?" the young girl asks looking at the dragon who has raised her.
The dragon knows he will one day have to tell her she is not a dragon, but for now.. he will play along. " Dragons come in all shapes and sizes, maybe you will never even have wings".
The girl pouts, she wants to fly just as Dreg does.

This one girl, who is lost without knowing it, is about to be found. Will she be able to stand up and grab the reigns of destiny or will it swallow her whole.

*The cover is not mine, just a picture I found on google.


Tags: Karma/DestinyPrincessRoyaltyDrama
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The Meeting of Two Souls

Raven had spent the last 17 years with Dreg and Aurora and knew there was a lot that they did not tell her. She knew that even though she had magic she was different than Aurora, and she did not have scales or wings so even though she wanted to be a dragon more than anything she knew she was also not like Dreg.

She could not help wondering……