I sold myself to the Billionaire

RedWolf Romance

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Danny, a handsome man from a local rich family ran into a strange woman on a rainy night, thinking that she was sent by his assistant as a tool for his sexual gratification.
This strange woman named Leena didn’t reject Danny because it was an opportunity to earn 250 thousand dollars by selling her virginity. She thought they would never meet again, but destiny brought them together again. And Danny even found out that Leena was pregnant at the time he was fighting for the rights to inherit the wealth of his family. Danny decided to use this as his chips in this fight and offered Leena a marriage contract. In order to protect her baby, Leena had no choice but say yes to this contract unequal to her. Danny thought of Leena as a shameless gold digger and he was just playing with her all this time.

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Chapter 40 Happy Ending

He sat down at the edge of the bed and held her hand. “Do you remember the contract we signed before we got married? " He took her as awake and continued. " I asked my lawyer last night, what would happen if one party defaulted and did not follow the terms stated on the contract? “ He looked at her eyes and her long eyelashes flickered. He opene……