Forbidden waters...

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Oakley has returned home after 12 years. Studying in Ireland she has been left out of the family politics that has happened at home! Seeing her high school crush that happens to be her brothers best friend, and the person that took her virginity. she enters forbidden waters once again, and tries to solve all the issues that have erupteding back home. Follow the sweet but spicy Erotica, with some ist and turns and a lot of romance and Drama.
Mature contents

“Oh Fuck its so good…” she moans… “Jace go faster…” she moans, If I go any faster there will be cum all over the place. “do you want to try on top?” I ask, she turns me over in one swift move. She saddles me and places my shaft directly in her, crying out in a moan. “what do I do?” “bounce lee, bounce, in and out motion.” It wasn’t even 5 minutes… “somethings happening Jace…Oh Jace I cant control it. I just want to… ahhh…” as soon as she says this I cum myself… she just sits on me still saddled. “what happened?” She asks… “I think you had an orgasm?” she smiles… “ I want another one…”

Please note this book is for +18 and older.
It has Mature content and Readers discretion is advised.
For: Sex, Language and content describing a miscarriage.
If you do not want to read this book please Move on.


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