The Keepers (The Keepers Series I)

RuruMonster Fantasy

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An unexpected abduction
A gathering of demon slayers, archangels, shapeshifters and witches
A unison of newborn keepers
In a written fate
The darkest war is coming.

Lara is abducted by an unknown archangel. A mysterious guy jo her for a reason she has yet to discover. An archangel swears to protect her. A talented witch tags along with a white-haired shape shifter to find the truth -WHO IS LARA HEARTHOPIA?

Together, they embark for an adventure that will test their friendship and faith. Will they survive the odds?

Join Lara her friends as they unravel the secrets of the past and discover the the true power of being THE KEEPERS.


Tags: love-trianglefamilytime-travelfatedopposites attractfriends to loversprinceprincessdrama
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