Zara Khan Fantasy

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In the face of a greater danger,
Two races who have always been thirsty for each other's blood are forced to form an alliance.

Castellians And Dragonairs

Meg Calve,
A 17 yr old leads a duel life: A high school student and a Castillian warrior.

But she happens to be horrible at socializing and when her family moves to a new town she couldn't find it in herself to be excited.

But the small town has many surprises for her,
Some good and some that can shatter her world

A fragile Alliance,
A forbidden love,
A deadly war.

Meg had no clue her life would change so much.....


Tags: Opposites AttractRegencyHighschoolKickass HeroinePowerfulWarriorDramaTragedySweetBxG
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I'm really , really thankful to all the people who have read this story.

Roan and Meg's  journey has ended in this story for now but it will continue in the sequel , Darkest storm.

You will find it on Wattpad .

Or you can find it on my Wattpad profile under my works .

Hope you will check it out !!