Angel in the arms of Devil

Arya katyayan Romance

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I would die in misery and pain
Rather than taking you in my arms again
~ simarth

He angrily knocked on the door. She opened the door in fear. For his surprise, he found that she was looking way too hot then he had expected. He examined her from top to toe. She tried pulling her dress but it was of no use. He steps closer. She was stepping back but her back hits the wall. He smirked. He locked the door and then approached her. She shivered by the sudden touch. He sat on the bed and told her to strip. She looked at him in shock and nodded in no.

He grabs her jaw and said " listen, you bitch. You are my wife and let me remind you one thing that you have said that only your husband will be able to see you or should I say see you naked." Hearing such words from him made her cry but she somehow controlled her tears. He pushed her on the bed and got on top of her. She pleaded but he tore her dress instead.

Meet simarth senwarth. 25 years old ruthless and arrogant businessmen. For him, love is nothing. He loves to see people in pain. For him, nothing is more important than his ego.

Now meet sweety Walia. 19 years old loving and caring girl. For her love matters the most. She was living happily until she crossed the devil's path. He forced her but she slapped him unaware of his Identity.

What will happen when they will meet? Will love take place? If yes then when? How much struggle does she have to do to find true love? Read the story to know.

I bet you will love it.


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My wife is beautiful

Sweety's pov :

After he was done with his torture. He left me. I stand up to go to bed. But he pushed me. I feel on the floor. "Ahh!" I screamed.

"You bitch, where do you think you are going? :He shouted.

" my bed." I stammered.

Haha. He laughed.

"Your bed?" He asked.

"But ... but this is my r……