Feral Luna


Phaedra Gray Romance

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At 28 years old with no mate to be seen, Zabella Dunbrocks wolf had gone crazy. Feral by night, and guarded by day, her life had become a sedentary prison. Living just outside the pack house in her own fortified cell, just to keep everyone safe had began to take its toll on her. Her only friend was the guard ordered to kill her if she crossed the laws set against her. No shifting in public, and no being out after sunset. It was no kind if life, and all about to change.


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***This is Chapter One of the next book, Ethereals Choice ***

>>>Zabella’s POV

It had been almost a month since I moved to Scotland, and I had been putting things back together for myself. My uncle had given me a small house not far from the pack house, and I spent a lot of time alone. Rejecting my mate wasn't as hard as I h……