Lucifer's Heaven (ENGLISH VERSION)

Josiah Dela Cruz Romance

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C O M P L E T E D (SPG/R18+MatureContent)

Long ago, God's once favorite angel fell from heaven. And since then, it's impossible for the devil to go back and meet the light. Until Heaven herself came running inside the devil's den that they finally reunited.

Get a hold of yourself! Not your typical romance story containing violence, explicit sex, drug references, strong language and casual criminal activities.


He is not your typical hero. No, he's not even a hero in my darkest dream. He's the devil so evil. I'd rather kept my eyes close forever than meeting his gaze - his burning eyes.

Being with him is a curse-- a demon's curse. His place, his own hell. He is the merciless, brutal and ruthless king of his own demonic palace. A palace which is invisible to mortal. Only an immortal has the rights to step inside.

I'm not like him, not like them.

I shouldn't be here.

I don't belong here.

'You are, Kitten. Wouldn't be here if you're not'. He'd say if I tell him how his place wasn't really for me.

"I'm not a devil. You are!" I mentally replied, knowing it wouldn't be good for me countering his words.

"And you're the lost kitten, Heaven. Lost in the hell. In my hell," said Lucifer himself.

WARNING: First draft, typos and grammatical errors.

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