Coven | Underworld (Season 1)

Stella Purple Vampire/Werewolf

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'An ancient race in modern time
Dying in the midst of a waging war.
One girl must unite all clans to survive.
Separated, they shall perish.
Together, they will thrive.'

Amira is a young girl determined to save her people from an inevitable war against a race of beasts. Everything seems to fall into place, until she loses someone she holds dearly. Now she's gathering her forces, intending to destroy her enemies once and for all. If only she can figure out these blood bonds she has (and the men linked to her) just as easily.

Why you should read this story:

❤ #1 If you like vampires (duh!) ✔

❤ #2 If you're into reverse harem (with possible erotica menage at later date) ✔

❤ #3 The first novel to ever have different types of vampires ✔


Tags: VampireWerewolfLove-triangleFriends to LoversGentleKickass HeroinePowerfulDramaTragedyBxG
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Chapter 5: Stranger
Chapter 5: Stranger

“The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, and liars hide in high places” —Bryant H. McGill.

We didn’t hear him when he entered. When we spot him, we already find him standing by the closed door.

The man is tall, thin, and pale. His skin color leans more toward the ashen-grey shade, which indicates ju……