The Roommate

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James Wilson, A typical good boy from a small town village with good grades and a varsity scholarship, enters Clay University. A school that parties hard and where students get wild. A perfect place where he can forget all the pain he's left behind in his town, specifically the people who broke him.

Elena Stanley, James' new roommate, The mysteriously sexy cheerleader who has a bad reputation with boys made a bet with her friends. Whoever seduced James first will win. She tried to seduce James thru her beauty and body, but James found something in her that no man ever did and that scares her. She eventually falls for him.

Michael Scotts, James' best friend, and the person who betrayed him. Not to mention, they are also half brothers. His betrayal has a reason behind it. Everyone sees him as no good, and rude-- to the extent cruel. But, Elena sees something in him, that no other person could.

What happens when one girl falls for the two brothers? Could he choose one brother, without breaking the other one?


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