Ruined her Innocence

Bosy Elselhdar Romance

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She was supposed to get married in couple of days But Her future brother in law had another opinion.

He Just Raped her! Ruined her innocence.


"please let me go..." She begged with a bloodshed eye. Almost sucking for air to breathe while he was kissing her insanely by force. Blocking his ears to her sobbing and her begs and acting like a deaf.
He was so drunk, he couldn't stop himself from what he started already. He was blinded by jealousy, he wasn't in his full conscious, but he was aware why he was doing that.
She pushed him with all of her strength, but that didn't move him an inch away. He trapped her underneath his heavy body on her bed and said in a grave tone "No, I want your body now."


Tags: BillionaireRevengeBDSMDarkPossessiveRapeSecond ChancePregnantSadisticPowerfulBeastDramaTragedySweetBxG
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