Forget Me Not (Book 2 Of Lastor Series)

Romana Clef Billionaire

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Sequel to Lost In A Reverie.

Set five years later, Angel now had rebuilt her life from the ruins it was once before she left her mother land. She can smile without forcing it, she laughs more genuinely, she has a medical degree under her belt and she would turn her head away at the sight of a bottle of Jack. But most of all, she doesn't want to disappear anymore. She's better now but still, what will happen once she returns to the godforsaken place that she had ran away from all those years ago? It's safe to say past is not past because one glimpse of her past had her entire being doing an awful rerun of what she had striven to forget.


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Chapter 37

I stood in front of the wall of guns, eyeing each piece speculatively. I picked up the Sig P238, weighing it in my palm. It was light but still heavy enough to be easily controlled.
"He's just arrived at the hospital," I heard Katrina say from behind me. "I've sent in the team to sweep his apartment for bugs. There's another team on his locat……