The Power Four

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Days after the birth of Prince Kaek, the firstborn son of Jasper and Vixen, the hybrid prince, the Constantine Kingdom was raided by the neighbouring enemy kingdom, Gunia Empire. The result of that, the royal family was slaughtered to death except for the hybrid prince. Ivory decided to save her grandson from death by asked the royal witch to take care of him.

Years had gone and the Constantine Kingdom was ruled by the Gunia Empire Emperor. He destroyed every bit of monument that acts as a tribute to the perished queen Violeta and Ivory and the royal family.

The witch raised Kaek like her own son and swore to only tell the truth when the time right. Upon hearing the magnificent beast is awakened, the witch decided to tell the truth and at the time, Kaek was a father to his daughter, Venus. Growing up, Venus was clueless about what's happening outside the village she was born in. When her father was killed by an unknown force, the witch gave her a jewel that was left by Ivory, her great grandmother.

By wearing the jewel, she was summoned by the spirit of her great grandmother and was chosen to be the child of the prophecy that will bring the Constantine Kingdom back from ashes and take control the magnificent beast from destroying the world of creatures. But by doing so, she has to fulfil four wishes her great grandmother named as the power of four.

Will Venus manage to fulfil all of the wishes that were bestowed upon her?

What are your wishes?

Will the Constantine Kingdom rise from the ashes of destruction?

What is the meaning of the power four?

Read to find out.


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