Accepted and Adored


Maggie Ireland Fantasy

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~Sequel to Rejected and Forsaken~

Lily has found the happiness that she has always craved with Finn, her second-chance mate. Moving to Seattle was the change they both desperately needed, and they're ready to spend the rest of their lives together as newly bonded mates.

Shadows and secrets still lurk in the corners though, threatening Lily's safety and digging up a past that would be better left buried. Alpha Erikson doesn't want to let Lily go, and with a member of the Council showing up to ask questions, Lily and Finn will need to prepare themselves for the danger that awaits.


Tags: alphafatedkickass heroinelunabxgmysterypackfirst love
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“She’ll come around,” Emily assured Finn after his mate had left the apartment.

“I don’t know what I’ll do if she doesn’t,” Finn replied morosely. He had hoped that Emily rejecting him would help to convince Lily that she could still trust him, but from her reaction, it didn’t seem like it had helped at all.

The tightness that Finn……