Kiss Between My Legs!


Glow Peridote Romance

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Reverse Harem. Mature Content. Erotica Story. “Catch the thief!” Rose was stuck at a dead-end in a treasure cave. The handsome mercenaries in front of her intending to kill her and take away the magic seed she had worked so hard to get. Reluctantly, Rose swallowed the magic seed. If she had to die, then those men wouldn't get the magic seed so easily. If only all men would bend their knees and obey her orders, life would be easier. "I will grant your wish," said a mysterious voice. As danger drew near, Rose screamed. "Kneel! All of you!” Suddenly all the men in front of her knelt. She flinched in surprise. “Take off all your clothes! Strips!” Rose grinned widely. Amazingly, they obeyed.


Tags: sexkickass heroinekingqueenbxghumorousmagical world
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Chapter 2: Enchanted

"Take off all your clothes," Rose ordered again with a wide grin.

Again, all the men complied. They took off all their clothes and knelt naked. Their faces were flushed red, and gazes of lustful desire looked at Rose longingly. Their lower bodies swelled and stiffened just by smelling Rose's scent from a distance.

Whoa, amazing!



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