Billionaire's Madness


Dark moonlight Fantasy

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Alex was falling for her each moment he was spending with her and soon he was planning to make her his, yes Alex Leone, the great Alex Leone was planning to marry Jane, the very first love of his lustful life, Jane was driving him crazy, Alex never felt like this before, and now he can not wait to claim Jane as his,

On their marriage day, Alex was looking so handsome in his expensive black suit, and the hall was decorated so beautifully with white roses and mountain lilies….

guests have already arrived and everyone was waiting so impatiently for the bride, but when the makeup artist went to pick the bride her room was empty,

The hall started echoing with gossips, how could the bride runoff from her own marriage, Alex's girlfriend left him in the church, oh my God, Alex's veins started popping with anger, his eyes were turning red as it was unbelievable for him, how could his beloved Jane do this to him,

The thoughts of taking revenge on Jane started running in the mind of Alex as he was driving his car towards Jane's house, as soon as he reached her house, he got another shocked and he felt ground slipped from his feet,

"She was not my daughter, I do not know who she was", said her Fake father…...

Alex's blood started burning in rage, he was ready to burn everything but he held the rein of his rage.

He wants to destroy Jane who destroyed him….

And that's how the journey of Hate and Revenge Started……...


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Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Alex's Point Of View,

I was just going crazy and I can not explain the reason, I am just so fucking happy, I was jumping on my bed like a kid, I was missing Jane so much, I want to touch her and kiss her, it is more than a month she left me, I am missing her so much, but now it is time to get her back, I can not w……