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Skylar Fantasy

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Elizabeth Grace was an omega of the most average wolf strength. She might even be dubbed as the most harmless person in the entire pack; and even the most pitiful when it came to the number of bullies on her back.

If only she knew, that the dreams she saw, the people she imagined and the soul she carried were no ordinary. Her supressed wolf was waiting to be unleashed, unknown to her forgotten mind.

When the Lycan Alpha, Vador, get's into the picture things only get complicated for Beth as she is taken away to his territory with lot's of questions and no explaination.


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Chapter 35 : Capture the Flag?

"I hate this world." Elisabeth groaned in desperate attempt to convey deep feelings towards the unfairness of this planet.

Aria sighed and patted her legs. It was already lunch time and none of them were ready to move their asses.

Elisabeth felt her body on the verge of paralyzing thanks to the early morning exercise ……