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"And Draya, Dollicia ... The rest of them?" Drake asked as his back was turned to her. Tae sat quiet again unsure of what he was really asking, what he really wanted to know that she hadn't already confessed about.

"They were a 'at that moment' thing. That may sound bad, but yeah..." She said shrugging as he voice trailed off. Drake could tell she wanted to say more but he didn't force it. Tae sighed picking up on his silence and spoke again. "Some of them I dated before you got to them, some of them you dated before I got to them, some of them fucked with me while they fucked with you and vise versa."

He turned around, she could feel Drake burning a hole in the side of her face. "You took this position KNOWING that we shared the same past... The same women... a lot of the same women, and you said nothing!? Why!? You didn't think that was something you should of mentioned to me!?... oh by the way Aubrey, you and I fucked with the same women!? I couldn't get that!? Are you trying to make them jealous!? You using me for a specific purpose?!..... Get back at them?!... You don't think this is information that I should of known Lashauntae!" Drake's voice grew dark it went deep as he demanded a answer. His many antagonizing malicious filled questions, he cross examined her, with a smug frown yet he wasn't allowing her the opportunity to answer him back, he was so angry assuming her was being used for something like all women eventually used him for.


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